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    GAS Projects

    Sudapet Company launches gas directorate. Currently, in 2016 will start two major projects for Gas utilization (Fuel Gas for Alfula Power Plant (405 MW), and GTL project). These projects will be the first Gas utilization projects in Sudan.

    1- Alfula Town Power Plant Gas Supply Project

    2- GTL Project:



    Sudapet Book Project:

    This project was ended and publish the book in Nov. 2015 (UNCTAD Conference Khartoum, Sudan 22-24 Nov. 2015)


    Sufyan FDP Project

    FDP study conduct jointly with DQEI in Sudan

    The Field Development Plan Study will be prepared with objective to conduct Static and Dynamic models and to formulate a comprehensive development plan for Sufyan Oil Field in Block 6. The Geophysical & Geological (G & G) studies will be carried out and different maps will be produced such as Time Structure maps, Depth Structure maps, and average velocity map. Petrophysical work (Cut Off determination, Interpreted plot and Evaluation), Geological Work (Stratigraphic analysis, correlation) and Static Geological 3D modeling using PETREL software. The reservoir analysis will evaluate the RFT/FMT, pressure transient analyses, core and fluid analyses to determine reservoir rock and fluid properties. Review/analyze well test results; identify the application of IOR/EOR technology for Sufyan Oil field including water, natural gas and N2 plus solvent injection. The simulation studies of field will be carried out based on the static geological model to establish the dynamic model, based on which the remodeling will be concluded.

    Full field development scenarios review, through reservoir simulation, will be carried out in order to establish sound reservoir management decisions and to minimize risk. In order to achieve the above objectives comprehensive static and dynamic models capable of explaining the reservoir rock and fluid heterogeneities, other finer details and as well as removing or managing the various types of uncertainties, is the starting point. Different development alternatives will be evaluated economically in order to propose the best development scenario to be implemented in the field, based on techno-economic basis.

    New software technology and experience will be utilized in order to establish and review the conceptual design of the surface and subsurface developments proposed and to show the Capital Cost (CAPEX) and the Operating Cost (OPEX) profiles associated with the development plan. Different oil price models will be used to show the economic viability of the project. All the surface facility design will honor the nearby existing production facility for proper integration. This can be achieved by using new technology and software, multidisciplinary integrated team of field development plan and operation experience to ensure proper reservoir characterization, and safe development and operation, to maximize the net value of the hydrocarbon resources in the field.

    Engineering, Projects & Facilities (EPF)  2016

    Sufyan FDP (Surface Facilities Study)
    the main objective is to develop the optimum surface facilities concept (configuration, designated and treatment), to produced liquid ( petroleum) from all field wells to achieve the required crude oil quality with optimum cost.


    Study of Manifacturing Drlling Fluids

    The main objective

    1.  Utilize local resources in production of the drilling fluids as alternative for the imported drilling fluids.

    2.  Seek suitable design for the process manufacturing for drilling fluid as product require in the oil market.

    3.  Reduce the import from outside by using local material.


    Geochemical Survey on Salima Basin

    (to Evaluate its Petroleum Potentiality) : Sudapet intend to Conduct surface geochemical survey in the Salima basin, onshore Sudan to determine if the Salima Basin contains a working petroleum system. To achieve this objective, Sudapet intend to survey for active hydrocarbon seeps by testing shallow soil vapour and microbial samples for anomalies caused by migrant hydrocarbons, if possible to include an evaluation of thermal maturity and hydrocarbon type.





    Bamboo EOR Project:

    Sudapet and PERTAMINA jointly implement (EOR) pilot project of Chemical Injection (SEMAR) to enhance and increase the recovery factor in Bamboo field (block 2A). Sudapet staff started the implementation phase on the 2nd week of July 2012, for three wells (BAW-23, BAW- 27 and BAW-21) under direct supervision of Sudapet Acting President & CEO. Injection in two wells was finished; currently the third well is under processing (July 2012). Production from BAW-23 expected to start on Aug , 2012, then monitoring the well and the surrounding wells for three months to evaluate the pilot project.

    Muglad Basin Study:

    Muglad Basin Integrated Study is a big project compiling and integrating all the seismic and wells data for the concession areas over the entire Muglad basin.  The project was commenced on May, 2012 establishing a regional seismic project as a basis for a multi phases study. The objectives of the study is; to fully understand Muglad basin tectonic evolution, evaluate and validate the gas potentiality in Muglad Basin, look for new potential area’s for hydrocarbon exploration, The estimated period to achieve the scope of this project is around one year, as a different outputs will be performed during the course of the project, to assist Sudapet in efficiently manage its shares in existing EPSA’s.

    Rawat Basin Study:  

    This project was started on 24th of June 2012. The main objectives of this study is to collect, QC and integrate all existing data to come up with maximum benefits, new ideas and findings, to reduce exploration risk through the identification of the most favorable areas for petroleum accumulations through the understanding of the petroleum system, to conduct Fast Track FDP based on 3D seismic - Rawat Central sub-basin - to come up with possible development scenarios and reduces the Hydrocarbon Initial In-place (HIIP) uncertainties. This study shall add oil resources to the country and eventually increase Sudan production to minimize the impact of the production loss.

    Red Sea (Block 13 and 15) Study:

    The Objective of the above study is to integrate data of the red sea Blocks 13 & 15 to come up with a better understanding of the geology, the tectonic setting and the depositional environment of the Sudanese red sea. The Scope of work of this study will include; seismic interpretation, basin modeling, Petrophysical evaluation, Prospect risking and ranking evaluation, Reserve calculation, resource assessment and engineering study of the drilled wells.

    Duration the Phase I of this study which started early June 2012, is the data reviewing and validation which will be completed end of August. Phase II will cover the missed parts or shallow covered parts of the scope of work and integration of the data which will be timely estimated after the completion of phase I.

    Shale Gas Potentiality (Blue Nile Basin):

    During 2009-2010 Sudapet had solely taken the challenge of exploring this frontier play, the comprehensive study which engaged the Canadian expertise in the subject, resulted in resource-base incremental in TCFs of HIIP, Block #8 has been upgraded consequently. The study considered as the first of its kind in Sudan and Sudapet staff had the opportunity to master this kind of studies and hands-on experience. The database collected during the project enabled Sudapet to have better understanding of the block and to build its own Petroleum System Model.