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Fractured Basement RESERVOIRS

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    Fractured Basement RESERVOIRS

    Fractured Basement RESERVOIRS

    Case studies from Sudan

    The joint study of Fractured Basement Reservoir of Ruman in Melut basin by Sudapet and Petrovietnam (2011 -2012) has proved that accumulations in significant amounts of hydrocarbon within the basement of the Sudanese rift basins are not freaks. Fractured basement reservoirs of the interior Sudanese basins could hold huge amount of hydrocarbons as is the case in Ruman High. In general, observations and researches of basement reservoir of the Sudan have revealed series of challenges such as seismically poor signal-to-noise ratio inside basement, migration of steeply dipping fractures, and geologically complex pore space structure inside the basement that strongly affects determination of reservoir characteristics, reserve calculation and geological modeling, as well as drilling practices and testing procedures. Therefore, it is important to look for different approaches and technologies to image the structural characteristics and to identify the formation mechanism of the oil reservoirs.

    The results of Ruman study strongly indicate that hydrocarbon potential offered by fractured basement plays is of sufficient magnitude to justify attempts to explore them by intention, not by chance as is being practiced by the current operating companies.