Sudapet Book Project

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    Sudapet Book Project

    The Book Project is a pioneer initiative from the Sudapet Company to gather a large group of geoscientists and engineers working in the Sudanese petroleum industry and the related academic and research institutes to produce a geoscientific book about:


    The project was initiated in March 2010 and the book project execution agreement was signed in August 5, 2010. The book team was nominated and hired in October 2010 and is intended to be published by the end of 2012. The book will present a geoscientific comprehensive and consolidated account on the Sudanese petroleum geology, offer in-depth knowledge and information and help promote the development of the petroleum resources and reserves of the Sudan.

    strong>The Objectives of the Book Project:

    • Publish a scientific and strategic information source that serves the Ministry of Petroleum, researchers in the field of petroleum, practitioners in the oil industry, university staff and students as well as the investors
    • trengthen the relationships between the Petroleum sector and the Universities and research institutes.
    • Share knowledge & experience among Sudanese experts and extend it regionally and even globally.
    • Document the huge processes and events that took place in the petroleum sector since the 50s of the last century and specially during the last 2 - 3 decades.
    • Recognition of the Sudapet Company within the international geoscientific community.
    • The book idea is to mix a wealth of unpublished material (technical reports, Thesis, maps, charts and working sheets…etc) with published material and convert them into a homogeneous high standard publishable & marketable book.

    The project Team has built a good database of Author & Writers. A manuscript guideline representing the book style had been prepared for authors, writers and the reviewers.

    Technical data and relevant published works on the Petroleum Geology of the Sudan and Africa were collected and gathered and displayed in the Reading Room in Sudapet premises to be easily accessed by authors.