Sudapet Company launches gas directorate

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    Sudapet Company launches gas directorate

    Sudapet Company launches gas directorate. Currently, in 2016 will start two major projects for Gas utilization (Fuel Gas for Alfula Power Plant (405 MW), and GTL project). These projects will be the first Gas utilization projects in Sudan.


    1- Alfula Town Power Plant Gas Supply Project

        Project Location:     Facilities will be located in Block 6 and Block 4 , Central Processing Facility (CPF) for gas processing will be located in Moga Field in Block 6

        Project Objective:   To gather around 100 MMSFD of gas from Block 4 and 6 and supply it to AlFula town power plant for power generation of about 405 MW.

        Description:   Associated gas from Block 6 and Block 4 will be gathered via pipelines and processed in Moga field to produce treated gas , LPG and condensate Treated gas will be transferred through pipeline to Fula town power plant.

        Project Cost :   270 MUSD

       Project feasibility Study :   Pay Back Period (1.6 Years)  , NPV (846 MUSD)

       Economic Indicators

    •       Internal rate Of Return (IRR) = 71 %

    •       Payback Period (PBP) = 1.6 Year

    •       Net Present Value (NPV) @ 12.5% DR = 268 M$


    2- GTL Project:

    •       Sudapet & JSC `` GTL`` agreed to establish a Joint Venture  company (GTL Africa Co. Ltd.

    •       Shareholding of JVC will be: Sudapet  51%  JSC  & “GTL”  49% .


    •       Project name: GTL Plant Block 4

    •       Capital Cost: 70 MUSD

    •       Operation Cost: 6% of the capital per year

    •       Owner: Sudapet Company/ JSC GTL Co.

    •       Project Lifetime: 15 years

    •       Project execution period: 18 Months

    Technical Description

    -          The process unit to convert natural gas to liquid i.e. fuel (Benzene, LPG & Diesel).

    -          The capital cost is based on an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons at the cost of 700 USD per ton, for a total of 70 Million USD.