Sudapet Technical Standard and Specifications

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    Sudapet Technical Standard and Specifications

    Scope of work was to develop 1891 standards and specifications covering all the disciplines and should include the followings as a minimum: Process, Civil, Electrical, Instrument, Telecommunication, Mechanical, Piping, project control and contracting can be accessedthrough website (Certain and restricted privileges) to all mentioned standards and specifications for all engineers.


    Project Duration : Start 30th Sept 2010  End 11th  Oct. 2011


    Project Objectives


    •   The major objectives of the project are:  

    ◦        To standardization of all the Engineering, Projects and facility management activities according to international codes and practice and to meet all Sudan laws and regulations.

    ◦        To meet the requirements of Sudapet with respect to quality, Safety, Operability and maintain-ability.

    ◦        To Start Sudanese Standards and specification in all Engineering Design, manufacturing and projects including but not limited to Oil & Gas and all the engineering fields.

    Project Merits


    •   Designer and the operator can minimize safety hazards through the design or use of equipment and materials designed and built to industry developed specifications and operated according to recommended practices.
    •   Play a significant role in modifying, supplementing, or clarifying government regulations. In many cases, recommended practices that address common industry operations are standardized and then referenced by government agencies in regulations.
    •   In addition, industry-developed standards can mitigate the adverse economic impact and impractical operating effects of regulatory standards developed by sources outside of the industry.
    •   Essential to promote Innovation, reducing expenses, improving quality  assurance, marketing goods and services and allowing Sudan to complete in a global economy and industry.
    • Ref. Eng. Osman M. Ibrahim (Project manager)