About Us

Company Overview

Established in 1996, SUDAPET Co. Ltd is the national oil company working in the exploration, development and commercial production of oil and gas in Sudan, and is a shareholder in all of Sudan’s hydrocarbon concessions.

SUDAPET has grown from 5% to 100% ownership of oil sector concessions and focuses on maximizing the national value through efficient exploration, development operations and commercial production of oil and gas that enables the protection and enhancement of the national interest in energy security.

Based on the national strategic objectives, SUDAPET expanded its investment portfolio by establishing eight (8) subsidiaries for Integrated Oil Services in line with the government strategy of nationalizing the oil industry.

Sudapet Vision Statement

“SUDAPET is a leading National Oil and Gas company in Africa producing hydrocarbons and provides quality services to the industry, whilst contributing significantly to the economy.”

Sudapet Mission

“We are in the business of exploring, promoting and commercially producing oil and gas in Sudan, which helps drive the growth of the economy.  We strive for excellence in operations employing state-of-the-art technology and upholding the highest environmental standards. We continuously develop our capabilities and improve our processes and services in order to achieve increasing levels of productivity, profitability, and a fair return on investment for our shareholders.”

In carrying out these Missions Sudapet has common Shared Values to be “Loyal, Dynamic, United in Purpose and always Committed to Achieve Excellence”.