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SUDAPET Share In The Blocks, 2021


Block 2B

Block 6

Block 25

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Promotion Package

Below Projects and Blocks profile for investment opportunities

Block 2B

Open for Production enhancement Contract (PEC).

Block 17

Open for Production enhancement Contract (PEC) and EPSA share equity.

Block 8

Open for New EPSA Contract and Power generation Project.

Block 25

Open for EPSA share equity and mini refinery project.

Alfula Gas Utilization Project

Finance and EPCC project.


Notes : Interested investors to download Farm-in Farm out processes for more information and send letter of interest to SUDAPET DG highlight their interested business area/s.

GAS Utilization

Sudapet is adopting several initiatives in natural Gas Utilization through value adding studies for additional gas resources and potentiality in all Sudan blocks


And integrate all the scattered gas reserves and resources of Sudan and obtain certifications.

Test & Develop

Of all potential gas zones/structures which have been discovered by OPCOs


Conventional and un-conventional gas plays in the deeper parts of the Muglad & Blue Nile Basins to increase the reserve portfolio.