Sudapet Co. Ltd

Our valuable partner
Bajrawia factory for equipment is a Sudanese factory based in Atbara City as a Sudanese initiative owned by Sudanese Petroleum Company (SUDAPET). The factory is established and operated by Bajrawia Manufacturing Co.Ltd with the aim of manufacturing process equipments to various industries sectors as well as providing high quality products and solutions to Oil & Gas sector. Bajrawia factory reflects the concept of localizing the Oil & Gas and other industrial equipment manufacturing in order to boost and consolidate the industrial Sector development in Sudan and the Region. Sudapet started a long term plan to nationalize the oil industry and localize all the possible services required for it. So, this project is located in Atbara and has been executed by Asawer oil & Gas Co. as main contractor through these phases: One : Feasibility study. Thestudy was conducted by ASAWER for oil & gas company and showed that the project is highly viable and economic. Two : Engineering and design. Three : Procurement and construction. To be completed by the end of March 2013. At that date the factory will be producing. Sudapet workshop will fabricate internationally certified static equipment for oil and gas industry such as: a. Pressure vessels b. Storage Tanks (Vertical and Horizontal). c. Heat Exchanger (Shell and Tune). d. Switchgear and Instrumentation control panels. e. Water Separation Columns. Sudapet will go to JV or partnership with international fabricators for five years to transfer technology and knowledge. This workshop targets to produce 700 ton/month and 195 personnel.